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We have active loan amount of 359,786,978/- PKR which has been distributed among 29,523 people (95% women) making an average amount of 12,187 PKR per loan.


Microfinance sector in Pakistan comprises around 50 institutions offering microfinance services, with around 3.1 million active borrowers which is indicating that still the microfinance industry has significant potential for growth. As per estimates, target market of microfinance sector is around 30 million borrowers while market penetration is still stood at not more than 15% of that. This sector is quite diversified in terms of scope and size ranging from large institutions to the small ones which perform microfinance operations at rural as well as urban settings for people who are in need of financial assistance. According to different studies, women is considered to be the trusted borrowers who repay their loans in good standings. It also helps to empower the women from economically poor and fragile families which ultimately leads in provision of quality education for her children and economic support to the family as well.

What We Do:

1BUNYAD Foundation realizes that poverty and economic disparity of people from marginalized communities particularly of women are key reasons behind social underdevelopment. Youth is facing alarming ratio of unemployment, women are victims of economic inequality even by their families and not get their rightful share in properties and labor in the fields or at home. In addition to that, if someone has awareness and/or skills to combat his/her poverty, he/she has not the resources and opportunities to support their ideas financially. Ultimately the vicious circle of poverty is getting worst and women segment of society is getting trapped tremendously in that which leaves its after-effects for future generations. BUNYAD Foundation realized this fact in 1998 when the Foundation launched its microfinance program, either at small level, which turned into its major program primarily to empower the neglected but talented/skilled women from marginalized communities. To date, BUNYAD Foundation has an active loan amount of 359,786,978 PKR which has been distributed among 29,523 people (95% women) making an average amount of 12,187 PKR per loan. The loan amount ranges between 10,000 PKR to 50,000 PKR. BUNYAD Foundation has certain criteria on loaning based on standardized compliance procedures and protocols assuring more than 90% of the recovery rate.





Geographic Coverage:

Microfinance program of BUNYAD Foundation is its second largest program after literacy and non-formal basic education ones which has active clients in 14 districts of the Punjab province among which, Multan, Lahore and Hafizabad are at above three levels consecutively where 18, 17 and 16 projects solely on the microfinance have been implemented with the grass-root community activists. Either the total number of projects on theme of microfinance were 21 but, on average, each project has been implemented in 6-7 districts.


Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) is leading partner of BUNYAD Foundation to support its microfinance program which has financed 81% of total microfinance budget, i.e. 303,339,038 PKR. Whereas the 19%, i.e. 56,447,940 PKR, has been financed by the Women Development Division, Khush’Haali Bank Pvt. Limited, and Orix Leasing.

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