BUNYAD Foundation, also known as Bunyad Literacy Community Council is a nonprofit civil society organization founded in 1991 by a group of intelligentsia primarily to literate the children from deprived communities. Realizing its impact on children’s lives,the BUNYAD was registered in 1994 under Societies Registration Act 1860 to serve its cause via professional and systematic approaches. The foundation started its operations by establishing five basic literacy centers in rural areas of district Hafizabad, Punjab, with donations of local philanthropists which set forth its journey of community uplift via dedicated and endurable future plans. With the passage of time and commitment to the cause, the foundation grew surprisingly every year serving diverse beneficiaries in expanded populations. The foundation’s history of 25 years witnessed constant growth multiplying its beneficiaries into millions, reaching grass-root communities in around 21 districts of Pakistan, and expanding its operations other areas like health, microfinance, gender, education, environment, child as well as minority rights.


BUNYAD envisions a literate, enlightened, tolerant and just society in which all individuals enjoy the rights and opportunities to realize their full potential.


Empowerment of marginalized groups in rural areas to enhance their standards of life via building their capacity to be self-dependent, peaceful, and healthy.


  • The primary goals of BUNYAD Foundation include;
  • Create opportunities to transform illiterate segment of society into literate ones for the
  • attainment of educated and rightful society.
  • Empowerment of marginalized communities at grass-root level by enhancing their
  • active participation in creating and enjoying opportunities of self-dependence.
  • Significant contribution in millennium development goals (MDGs) as well as sustainable
  • development goals (SDGs) in Pakistan.
  • Bridge distances between communities at conflict, people with least modern exposure
  • and opportunities for micro entrepreneurs.
  • Strive for the elimination of child labor and gender based violence through exposure,
  • awareness, capacity building and microfinancing.
  • Contribute to create and sustain community health campaigning for clean environment,
  • sanitation and hygiene.

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